Coral Care Tips

At Prestige Worldwide Corals, we pride ourselves on growing more than 90% of all the coral we sell. We want to help you be successful with your coral investment as well!

Here at the store, we use a method called Reef Moonshiners which is how we maintain such beautiful coloration without water changes. We can help you get started and carry everything you need in-store. In our coral systems we try to maintain specific water parameters: SG of 1.025, Alkalinity (KH) of 8.0, Calcium (Ca) of 425, Magnesium (Mg) of 1350, Nitrate (NO3) of 2 and Phosphate (PO4) of 0.03.

We test our tanks daily and recommend testing your own water at least weekly to maintain consistency and adjust supplements as needed.

Acclimation and fluctuations in parameters can be difficult on all saltwater creatures but especially coral. Sensitive coral can bleach, lose tissue, or take a longer time to fully extend, color up and polyp out after shipment stress or changing to a tank with different water parameters. Wild-harvested specimens can take an especially long time to recover from the stress, which is one reason we culture as many corals as we can and get them growing here before selling them to other hobbyists.